About Us

Our Approach

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be a conduit between industry, Griffith University and its students by developing high quality software solutions. Whether you are a start-up, enterprise or researcher, our goal is to help accelerate the adoption of new technologies to address your business needs. By employing a team of high-achieving student developers, we can reduce development costs while empowering students with honing their soft skills.

By giving our students the opportunity to practice these skills in a collaborative and entrepreneurial environment, we will make Griffith students uniquely qualified for the industry.

Prof. Paulo de Souza
Griffith University Head of School of ICT

Leading the teams are academic and industry experts that proide the link between business processes, our student developer’s experiences and cutting edge technology.

Meet the Team

Our Talented Minds

Sebastian Binnewies

Director of App Factory and Lecturer at Griffith University teaching courses on innovation and big data analytics.

Ryoma Ohira
Project Manager / Business Analyst

Ryoma is a PhD candidate specialising in solving adaptive optimisation problems.

Jake Hashim-Jones
Project Manager

Jake is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Information Technology program at Griffith University.

Dylan Prior
Senior Developer

Dylan is a member of the teaching staff at Griffith University for app and web development courses. A freelance developer on the side, Dylan is familiar with current development technologies.

Carl Albrecht
Senior Developer

Carl is a high achieving Bachelor of Computer Science student. Anything from embedded systems to web development, if it runs on code, Carl can make it fly.