Passport Guide

Register a New Account

  1. When you first open the Passport app, fill out the required information in order to create a new account. This account will be encrypted and only stored on your phone.

    The user type option allows you to use the app as a Patient or a Clinician. Please select the most appropriate option.

    As a Patient, your full name will be displayed if you choose to share your plans or information with your Clinician. As a Clinician, your clinic details will be shared with your patients when you comment or endorse a Patient’s plan.

    The Age Group option determines the default diagram used for displaying your IV devices. This can be changed later in the settings menu.

    Tap on Save Information to continue.
  2. The next screen will ask for you to set your password. For security purposes, your password must be at least 8 characters long, and include at least one capital letter, number and symbol.

My IVs

When you open the Passport app, the first screen you will see is the My IVs screen. The first time you open the app, an empty diagram will be shown. As you record and plan your IVs, this diagram will illustrate their locations. To add a new IV, tap on the Add IV button [+] on the top right corner of the screen.

The Add IV screen lets you position the approximate location of the IV, add detailed information and also plan for insertion or removal dates. These details are best discussed with your Clinician.

To change the location of the IV, tap and hold the location marker to unlock it. Once unlocked, you can drag the location marker to a new location.

Once you have completed the required details, either tap on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the Save icon on the top right of the screen to save your IV information. Once successfully saved, Passport will return to the My IVs page with your new IV shown on the diagram and listed below.

Each Past, Current and Future IVs are colour coded to help you easily identify and filter. Tapping on the filters directly under the diagram will allow you to choose which IVs you would like to see. This may be helpful when discussing with your Clinician about the plans for future IV insertions where hiding the past and current IVs will declutter your diagram.

For more information on a device, tap on the IV on either the diagram or the list of devices to open the IV Information screen.


The timeline feature allows you to visually see the insertions and removals of your IVs but also allow you to record and view custom events such as notes from an appointment with your Clinician.

Tapping on an IV device on the timeline will open the IV Information screen of the selected IV.

To create a new event, tap on the + icon to the top right. This will open the Add Event screen where you can add a title, date and notes. Tap on the Save Changes button or the save icon in the top right to save your event. Once your event has been successfully saved, Passport will return to the Timeline page to show you your new event.


The plans feature allows you and your Clinician to develop plans from day-to-day care, managing your IVs and to have emergency plans on hand. Plans can be developed, curated, shared and endorsed by your Clinician.

To create a new plan tap on the [+] icon to the top right of your Plans screen. This will open the Add Plan screen. A short title is recommended with some more detail in the subtitle. Full details can be added to the content section. Tap Save Changes or the save icon in the top right in order to save your plan. Once successfully saved, Passport will return to the Plans screen.

To archive a plan, swipe left or right on the plan. Archived plans are viewable in the archived plans view accessible by the icon to the very top right of the screen. Archived plans are hidden from the list of plans but allows you to restore a plan to prevent accidentally deleting plans. Further swiping on an already archived plan permanently deletes the plan.

To view the details of the plan, tap on the plan in the list. This screen will show the details of the plans as well as any endorsements and comments from the Clinician you have shared the plan with.

Privacy and Security
Sharing a plan lets you communicate with your Clinician as well allow them to endorse a plan you have developed together. This may be as a discussion of allergies, care and maintenance procedures or personal requests regarding the insertion of new IV devices. When you share a plan, we understand that private and personal information may be contained and have taken steps to ensure secure transmission of your data. Visit our Passport page if you would like more information on the app’s security and how we ensure that you are the sole owner of your data.

To share a plan, tap on the share plan icon to the top right. This will generate a QR code for you to show your Clinician. A QR code is only valid for a limited time. For security purposes, creating screenshots of the app has been disabled. It is highly recommended that you only share your QR code with people who are physically present to ensure security while transferring and sharing your personal information.

As a Clinician, tap on the camera icon in the top right to scan the QR code. You can now add comments or endorsements by tapping on the menu icon to the top right of the screen. Plans shared with you are available for 2 days before it expires. To make changes or comments after 2 days, the Patient must share the plan with you again.

Once a plan has been endorsed, you can view the endorsement and the Clinician’s details by tapping on the endorsement below the plan.