What is Recognise?
Recognise is a tool designed and built to support speech pathologists in identifying individuals who present with a cognitive communication disorder after a right hemisphere stroke. The app is designed to be self-contained, easy to pick up and use for both Clinicians and Patients, and available offline. The app contains tests that are designed for evaluating Patients with an evaluation being provided at the conclusion of the test. The evaluation includes a report card of the Patient that highlights the areas where the Patient requires further testing.

What about Privacy?
Recognise complies with the Australian Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and the Information Privacy Act 2009 (QLD) to ensure the highest level of data security. Recognise does not record or maintain personally identifiable data. For more information on our Privacy Policy, view Griffith University’s Privacy Plan.

Who made Recognise?
Recognise was developed by App Factory from Griffith University for the Griffith University School of Allied Health Services. Tests and evaluation methods are supported by the research from the Griffith University School of Allied Health Services.

Where is Recognise available?
Recognise is currently under-going closed testing and will be available on the Google Play and Apple App stores soon!

Contact Us
Please visit the Griffith University website for more information on the Griffith University School of Allied Health Services or for contact details.